I can’t really describe the excitement of purchasing Mad Hatter. It’s a restaurant that has been a loved place since its opening in 2013. Incredible burgers, incredible service, and truly a neighborhood “cheers” type feel. Fast forward to early 2018, the restaurant pivoted to an oyster concept. As lovers of the original concept, this was a hard pill to swallow for my wife and I, as I am well aware it was for many loyal customers. That’s why we immediately took it back to the original concept when we purchased the restaurant; nothing needed to be fixed, just return to the roots of what made Mad Hatter special.

The question I had in my mind at purchase was, “Is it too damaged to return the original concept?”, and we struggled with which route to take. It would have been arguably easier to just wipe the slate clean and start new, but Mad Hatter is not a failure nor a lost cause; it just needed a renewed passion, dedication, and excitement for what makes it great.

We walk in to the restaurant everyday knowing that keeping the name and the original concept was the right direction. The open-air dining, the light-hearted “out-of-the-box” type atmosphere (it is named Mad Hatter after all), a location with so much history within its walls, and a team that is dedicated to building relationships and serving our customers for many years to come, reaffirm this decision everyday.

My wife and I made a commitment to build on the history of our location and bring the fun back to the place that has always been a go-to spot. This industry is difficult to put it mildly, but there is nothing more satisfying than giving our customers an experience that not only puts a smile on their face, but lets them know that we are truly vested in building relationships and creating memories.

Are we perfect? Absolutely not! But are we authentic, passionate, and relentless in our pursuit to give our customers what they deserve? ABSOLUTELY.

Talk Soon.